No Arms Workout – PreBlast for 4/6/20

Warmup: Sidestraddle Hops X 50

The Thang: A series of exercises in which the count is determined by the # of seconds required to run around a square city block. Faster runs are rewarded with lesser # of reps!

*Run around a square city block (timed)
*Chilcutt Peter Parker’s (# determined by seconds required to run around the block.
*Repeat run f/b LBCs
*Repeat run f/b Bridges
*Repeat run f/b Squats
*Repeat run f/b Monkey Humpers
*Repeat run f/b Calf Raises
*Repeat run f/b Lunges (each leg)
*Repeat run f/b Mountain Climbers (4 count)

*Complete as much as possible until time is up. If you finish early start over at the beginning. Have fun!